About Us

Growing up with a passion for art and design, the women of Forgather sought out many different mediums and materials as creative outlets. Inspired by nature and colour, we harnessed that passion towards a career in floral design. After working with different florists and design studios in Toronto, we are able to bring a diverse sense of knowledge in floral and plant care to our clients. We proudly demonstrate this through each arrangement that we send out.

Forgather Floral Co is a floral design company with an emphasis on seasonal and locally grown blooms and foliage. We support local flower farmers in the Simcoe County/ Muskoka region by working with them throughout the growing season. We are also working on expanding our own cutting garden to grow the flowers we love in our own backyard.

All of our work is custom and unique, tailored to each client. We believe flowers can be a creative expression, and can serve as a meaningful and thoughtful gift when they’re curated just for you. Flowers just not for the sake of flowers, but to mark a special occasion.


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